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Types of Advertising

The father of modern advertising: Thomas J. Barratt”was working for Pears Soap Company. He devised an effective advertising campaign for […]

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Tourism Advertisement Types

By: Advertising is one of the most important factors that help the tourism industry to attract tourists from both […]

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Tourism advertisement strategy

How do you attract tourists that visit your country? In a world where people have to remain chained to their […]

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Types of Advertising

The father of modern advertising: Thomas J. Barratt”
was working for Pears Soap Company. He devised an effective advertising campaign for the product which involves the use of images slogans phrases and catchphrases possibly the first time.
One of the slogans “Good Morning! Have you used Pears’ soap?” was very popular in its day.

David Ogilvy wrote in “Confessions of an Advertising Man,”
“What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.”
In order to have truly effective marketing for your product or service, you need a carefully crafted message catering to the medium you choose.

Since then advertisement has expanded and grow.
Luckily, today with the explosion of digital media, there are different forms and methods of advertisement which are used by marketers to promote or sell their product or service.

Advertising is a form of communication that is sponsored and has a message promoting or selling or trying to sell a product or service or an idea. It is classified as a form of marketing communication, a successful advertising campaign will spread the word about your products and services, attract customers and generate sales. Whether you are trying to encourage new customers to buy an existing product or launching a new service, there are many options to choose from.

How to choose the right advertising methods for your business?


The most suitable advertising option for your business will depend on your target audience and what is the most cost-effective way to reach as many of them as possible, as many times as possible. The advertising option chosen should also reflect the right environment for your product or service. For example, if you know that your target market reads a particular magazine, you should advertise in that publication.
So, choosing the best advertising solution for your company involves many factors, by these three simple steps you will be able to choose the best solution for your organization.

Define your customer

Defining your customer (demographics, geographies, interests, related activities, and etch.) is necessary if you want to be efficient with advertising and ensure they are targeted to generate results.

Put your budget range

This will dictate the type of service you choose. Small budgets often have simple solutions since spreading a small advertising budget may not provide the volume of impressions to make an impact in the marketplace. Larger budgets allow you the flexibility to try more options, which may require more complex solution reviews and supplier contracts.

Knowing your offer goals

Be clear on what action you want the customer to take in terms of value measurement (goals). For example: visited my store, completed a survey and so on.

Now, by the following list is an introduction to advertising tactics that you could use. Remember, you can always be creative in your advertising to get noticed without getting apart from advertising regulations.

Online Ads


Online advertising or digital advertising as a form in which the message is conveyed via the internet. For every website ads are a major source of revenue. Advertising online has become very popular in the last decade and has surpassed the expectations of most of the advertising experts.
It has become so successful that each ad can be targeted to a specific person of a specific age of a specific location on a specific time. In terms of pricing advertising online is very cheap compared to all other forms of advertising.

Being on the internet can be a cost-effective way to attract new customers. You can reach a global audience at a low cost. Many customers research businesses online before deciding whom to buy from.

A well-designed website can attract customers to buy from you. There are a number of ways you can promote your business online via paid advertising or to improve your search engine rankings, including promoting your products or services on social media sites, blogs and search engines and other websites that your target audience visits,
For example: Ads on YouTube, Facebook Ads, Ads displayed on Google.

Television Ads


A Decade ago, television was the most popular form of advertising. Events like the Olympics where the top attractions for advertisers to advertise about their products. Television advertisements have the advantage of sight, sound, movement and colour to persuade a customer to buy from you. They are particularly useful if you need to demonstrate how your product or service works, and has an extensive reach and advertising this way is ideal if you cater to a large market in a large area. At some level, it still effective for most advertisers but with the advent of online streaming of television on mobiles, marketers have now moved from television to online as their preferred advertising medium.

Another form of television and infomercial. An infomercial is a specially designed advertisement for information and awareness of the public. The term information comes from the combination of words information and commercial. Ads of almost all products are shown on television. Although it is costly, Television Ads are till date one of the best types of advertising and have the most fantastic reach for a large audience.

Radio and Podcasts Ads


Radio advertisements are the ones that are broadcast it through radio waves and heard on radios all over the place. These mostly consist of audible advertisements. While considering this to be an ineffective form of advertising, there are still many followers listen to the radio every morning.
Also it can be repeated often as part of radio or podcast shows.
You can choose from a traditional type of ad recorded to be played or there is sponsorship. Narrow down the types of podcasts your target audience support or the station they most listen to for creating the kind of advertisement customers like and remember.
It’s a great way to reach your target audience. Also by that regular advertising it can attract new customers.

Unfortunately, sound has limits. Listeners can find it difficult to remember what they have heard and sometimes the impact of radio advertising is lost, also for almost every product on the radio every single feature and benefit of the product have to be explained on the radio, unlike other sources where the customer can see the product for inside.

The best way to overcome this is to repeat your message regularly – which will increase your costs without risk.

Outdoor Ads


It consists of displaying large posters or banners with the advertisement. These are displayed on the side of the road, on the glass of large buildings, or on specifically targeted places that have huge inflow from the public. Earlier printed ads were used for outdoor advertising.
Now that billboards have gone digital it’s a huge way to make an effective statement, Outdoor billboards can also be signs by the road or hoardings at sport stadiums.
Transit advertising can be posters on buses, taxis, etch. This way gives you excellent brand recognition as these types of advertisements are seen everywhere daily and make your offering hard to forget and likely to be the first business they think of when they want to buy a product.

They usually contain a limited amount of information; on the other hand, they can be difficult to read. Including your website address makes it easy for customers to follow up and find out more about your work.
Outdoor advertising can be very expensive, especially for prime locations and supersite billboards.

Printed Ads


Printing is the slowly disappearing form of advertising. There were days before the evolution of television when printing was a major source of advertising and considered to be one of the most effective media. But since the invention of television, print advertisements have taken a backseat.

The main disadvantage of print advertising is the shelf life of the ads is short. That’s because its reach is solid, Print advertising is one of the most expensive and most effective types of advertising.
Here are the few Printed Types of Advertising:

⦁ Newspaper

Newspapers display a huge number of ads in them, to the notifications and circulars from the Governments and services to job hunt.
Newspapers were the extremely popular form of advertising in the early 20th century and to some extent it still is. But with the advent of the Internet and digital advertising newspapers have moved the computers and that is where the advertisements are now being displayed.

It can promote your business to a wide range of customers. Display advertisements are placed throughout the paper, while classified listings are under subject headings in a specific section.
You may find that a combination of advertising in your state/metropolitan newspaper and your local paper gives you the best results.


Magazine are also known as periodical advertisements in which a weekly fortnightly or monthly magazine are used for advertising. Ads are printed in the corners or on the entire page of the magazine and sometimes even an extra page might be inserted simply for advertising. Ads are categorized and segregated according to the magazine category for example business magazines will feature ads from Rolex watches, while entertainment magazines will feature ads from high branded pearls.
If your products need to be displayed in colour then glossy advertisements in a magazine can be ideal, although they are generally more expensive than newspaper advertisements.

Magazines do not usually serve a small area such as a specific town. If your target market is only a small percentage of the circulation, then advertising may not be effective.

⦁ Brochures or handouts

Brochure advertisements do not use any base like magazine advertising, they are independent.
Brochures are specific advertising materials used to promote a particular product usually given at a point of sale are handed out at different locations.

Product Placement Ads

Product placement is called covert advertising wherein a product is quietly embedded in the entertainment media.
Most of the times there is no mention of the product although the audience sees the product.
On the other hand, if you pay for a podcast host to mention using your product or pay a television show to feature a character talking about or

using your service, also movies are major places where product placement is done.
They could be a few TV shows where product placement has been used but the effectiveness is observed more in movies than TV shows.
For example:
Will Smith is seen playing with his Converse shoes in the movie I Robot.
Several brands of beer are advertised in How I met your Mother.
In popular shows like Family Guy, humorous advertisements are placed all over the TV show like Red Bull, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and more.

Email Marketing Ads

While some have classified this under internet advertising E-mailers have gained a separate category owing to the fact of personalization. The emails sent from companies have a personalized message including a personalized greeting makes E-mailers more effective as the most advertising forms. it’s kind of advertisement that is focused on your existing customers, email marketing involves them signing up for promotional sales or newsletters focused on your brand. Email marketing is an updated customer loyalty promotion and works very well when you treat customers as insiders with VIP knowledge.

Companies work hard so that mail reaches the inbox of the customer rather than junk mail and thousands of dollars are spent to guaranteeing that.
Catalogues, brochures and leaflets can also be distributed to your target area. Including a brochure with your direct mail is a great way to give an interested customer more information about your products and services.

There are as many ways to use types of advertising as there are kinds of advertising. By diversifying your approaches in both traditional and digital worlds as well as focusing on your core target market while getting the word out about your brand to the people at large, you can grow by leaps and bounds.

What was the most effective type of Ads you have used?

Tourism Advertisement Types


Advertising is one of the most important factors that help the tourism industry to attract tourists from both the local and international marketplace. The tourism sector is responsible for promoting the natural resources, culture, heritage etc that help every visitor in experiencing the lace he is visiting.
Tourism advertising helps the visitor to get familiar with the place even before visiting it personally.

We live in a world driven by media. Today every community uses media to promote their business. For customers, in this case, tourists, go to places and plan their vacations that are more talked about.

Definitely, advertising is important for any business.
Likewise, in the travel business, it plays a key role to attract the customer or in this case the tourist.
In fact, tourism is not a product. It is intangible so unlike products, industries cannot sell it to their customers. So, the industries sell the destination on the basis of the customer’s fantasies skills.

It’s the truth that the customer plans a holiday on the basis of expectations developed through advertising.

A mistaken advertisement can lead to a loss in the tourist business. Efficient advertising does not ensure success but will surely increase the chances for it.
There are three important roles advertising plays in the tourism industry:

Informing tourists to visit a destination and everything tourists need to know about the place.
⦁ Encourage tourists to visit a destination.
⦁ Guiding tourists where to do all the bookings from.

The global travel market is expanding and so is the advertising market. Advertising campaigns are prevalent in western countries to promote travel destinations abroad. Many advertisers only intend to increase their income by promoting their services, such as flight bookings or hotel reservations. Whereas there are a few advertisers who feel the need to connect to their target audience which is more important than promotions and offers.

You’ve probably come across the same tired tips and advice on most of the sites you visit.
Plenty of tourism businesses are marketing themselves in fun and creative ways that are both more efficient and more effective than what you’re currently doing.
Want effective direct crystal-clear ways?
Let’s start.

Advertising includes newspapers, magazines, radio, television, online, skywriting, and billboards. Advertising can reach many people at once and the same message can be repeated many times.
So we will divide them into Traditional and Modern

Traditional Tourism Advertisement Types


There are many chances for cooperative advertising, where several businesses and organisations work together to produce and pay for a mutual advertisement. These are often coordinated by Regional Tourism Organisations.


It is sometimes possible to arrange an editorial in publications in which you advertise. This is when the newspaper, magazine or other mediums produces a feature article about your business and its often on the basis of information you provide that supports your advertisement.
This is often called an ‘advertorial’ and can be effective as it appears to be more objective and have high credibility.


There are two main types of newspaper ads:

⦁ Display ads: Appear in the travel pages or in the general news section of a newspaper.
⦁ Lineage ads: They are called lineage ads because you are charged on a per line basis. Line ads can be placed in the classified section or in a special classified section in the travel pages.

There is a range of publications that offer advertising space for tourism operators, including holiday planners produced by Regional Tourism Organisations, local tourist guides produced by visitor centres, and commercial publications. It is likely that you will be inundated with offers and requests for advertising. Ask what the print run is, where the publications will be distributed and who they are aimed at when considering the potential benefit to your business.

Modern Tourism Advertisement Types

No matter how often an ad is run, if it is uninspired, dull, boring and mediocre the audience will ignore it, even worse, frequent exposure to an irritating ad will actively annoy consumers.
Creating a good ad is a must. There are many great ads that may appear very different on the surface, but ultimately all follow a simple rule: less is more. In any advertisement, the time frame you have to make an impression on your audience is limited to seconds.
This limited time and space may encourage the ad or must be full to the edge with information.

A good ad must fulfilled this :

⦁ Connect you with the audience.
⦁ Be memorable and easily recalled.
⦁ Provides information quickly and Inclusively.
⦁ Doesn’t confuse the viewer or make them hunt for the relevant information.
⦁ Calls the viewer to action.

Exposure with Influencer


Using online influencers as a way of marketing for hospitality and tourism agencies is becoming more and more popular for a very good reason. It works!

Influencers are people who have following around their personal online brand. Think bloggers, YouTube vloggers, Instagrammers, etc.
Many influencers have large followings and a highly engaged audience. They have been creating content for a specific niche for a long time and their audience is always happy and always want to see more from them.

So, you have to find an influencer who can be helpful for your industry and set up a deal. It’s a win-win.
You help them create content and experience something new and you get to expose your business to a new audience.

For example: your boutique hotel could offer a few nights’ accommodations in exchange for a short video on a travel YouTube vlogger’s channel.

The goal is to find someone who creates content that relates to your business and whose audience would be interested in what you have to offer. When you start working with influencers with a larger following you may be required to compensate them further, but the exposure is typically far greater.

Create a guide for your area

Travelers are the life force of the tourism industry. Therefore, your tourism marketing needs to be focused around their wants and needs.
Most of them won’t know your area as well as a local would, the informative guide is something that they would consider extremely valuable.
Make the guide easy to read and understand. No matter how good it is, very few people will read it word for word.
Include lots of ideas for things to do and places to see, as well as all of the other information you feel is important to know about your area. The more super secret, “locals only” advice you provide the better.

Create a guide that you would want to sell or be willing to pay for, then give it away for free. That means high-quality photos and professional design.

Use Facebook

People visiting your area will have plenty of questions that they need answered before they come.
A great way to charge your tourism marketing is by creating a discussion platform around your Facebook page. Some businesses use their Facebook page as a customer service platform.

You’ll be using it in a similar way, but instead of dealing with customer complaints you’ll be answering questions regarding your area quickly and informatively such as:
“What type of activities do you recommend for couples?”
“Do you know of a dog-friendly hotel in this part of town?”
“Is it difficult to use public transportation to get from here to there?”

Most of the questions will be simple and the trust you’ll earn from the people visiting your page will be extremely valuable.
You can do the same thing around your Twitter or even Instagram handles

Awesome Destination Videos

The whole online world is moving toward videos. It’s time to get on the track. Videos convey a huge amount of information in very little time, so it’s a great way to show who you really are and what you do.

But don’t go out and make a video that is just all about your business. Instead of that, show people your destination and help them out at the same time.
Create helpful videos that showcase things to do in your area, helpful ways about getting around. Share these videos on your website and social media platforms, for example: Facebook is highly promoting videos and providing them with more exposure in users’ news feed.

Be Unique on Social Media

Every business has something special that nobody else does. Whether it’s the way your servers carry shrimps to the table, your stunning view, it’s something to show off.
In tourism Modern marketing, these types of campaigns highlight the human side of your business and build trust with the people exposed to it.
If you or a member of your staff brings their cat or dog to work, make a series of videos about the funny things he does or the way he interacts with your customers. These campaigns are smoothly shared, especially if they’re funny, cute, entertaining or heartwarming.

What’s New in Your Area


One of the best ways to identify your message from that of your competitors is by highlighting the things that are new and exciting in your district. Keep visitors updated by the important events and unique goings on around your business.

Put yourself in their shoes and show the things that would seem interesting, fun, and exciting to them especially if they were visiting from another part of the country or world and they had never experienced before.

Market research


Conducting tourism marketing companies and asking for ideas will help you, even if it didn’t end up working with them, you will be provided with some insight into what to do next or at least will teach you how to do some market research, or do it for you.

That’s because these marketing companies specialize in tourism marketing, So they are experts in helping businesses like yours reach their ideal customers at different stages of the buyer’s journey.
But, if you have the tools and potentials do it yourself, and do it now! Knowing your market well is your first step to a successful well known company.

Take full advantage of Mobile

Seventy-five percent of millennials would rather text than call, and spend more time on their phones than all other devices. They also travel more frequently than any other generation.

Market to them on mobile platforms and make sure your website is suitable for mobile devices. That means its optimizing for: easy to navigate, fast loading, and a user-friendly layout.
Create an Instagram account and post your best photos to it regularly. Pictures tell a story faster, By showing your followers a unique view of your city that others aren’t sharing. Guide them through a virtual tour of your favorite things to do and see with thoughtful photos.

Make the most of mobile tourism marketing by getting on the level of the majority of mobile users.Tell your story where they want to see it on mobile.

The worst kind of marketing is that one which never gets done, so make yours a priority and get started today! It’s time.
You now have a lot of creative ways to start marketing your destination, so don’t hold back.
Do your research or consult a specialized marketing company, set up a plan strategy and get some work done.

This could be your best year yet!

Share with us the best destination you have been in.

Tourism advertisement strategy

How do you attract tourists that visit your country? In a world where people have to remain chained to their jobs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that the two days break is considered as the escape from reality. This type of fast and furious travel is rising in popularity, in latest 2018 Surveys discovered that the majority of customers are domestic.

The challenge here is getting the attention of these groups of tourists that eventually will help boost bookings and increase your income.

We will tell you strategies that are used for the tourism industry.
First you have to learn how to attract tourists to visit your city in four steps.

Step one: Increase your distribution

Your local agents help you connect with customers who have not decided what to do when they reach their destination. You should reach out to as many agents as possible even the small visitors information centres that are located within your community.

You must effectively promote your products and your real-time availability to as many agents as possible. Make sure that your commission rates are competitive, this will help motivate agents to book with your company.

Step two: Optimize the website

Many of these city trippers will reach their destination, then research what tours and activities are available on their mobile device. Without a mobile-friendly website that shows off booking capacity, you’ll miss out on an ever traveller that depends on mobile devices.

Step three: Be visible

Weekend travellers depend on companies they see and hear from during their trips to make their decisions. Make sure you have a location in a remarkable space in the city, or invest in ads in crowded spaces. You need to stand out so tourists know who you are and what you offer.

Step four: Unique promotions

Offer promotions to compete with other tour and activity providers in your region, such as discounts for tours, promo codes, gift cards and vouchers can be used to attract customers to book immediately. Remind travellers that they don’t need to make a phone call or stop in your office to use their promotion they can do it online.

Market your tour and activity company to short-term travellers is critical to your overall success, and simplifying the booking process will attract even more customers.

Let’s create a highly effective tourism marketing strategy that has the potential to change the way you market your destination forever and will help you set clear goals and identify the best ways to accomplish them, also determine exactly who you should be marketing to and never forget to document your roadmap to success.


What is a Tourism Marketing Strategy?

The term tourism marketing strategy is used incorrectly to describe the individual tactics a destination uses to promote themselves.
Instead, your tourism marketing strategy is your master marketing outline. It contains individual tactics that will be used in marketing, but it also contains so much more.

The strategy must be created in a living, breathing document that evolves as your marketing provides new insights and your business grows.
Here are some simple strategies your tourism business can consider to support your appeal overseas:

Exhibiting at trade shows

It’s a marketing rule of person to person contact that can generate sales. And that’s precisely what attracts thousands of tourism businesses and travellers to international trade shows.

If you’re shopping around for a trade show to show off your business, make sure you choose one that gives you the best insinuation and avoid untested places. As well, before the show, be sure your team is fully trained to sell your business.


Online reviews

International travellers planning their trip don’t have much information about your business and quality. Ratings on sites such as Yelp and Google are often the only source, they have to make a decision.

You’ll probably want to register your business on these platforms and enter detailed information and pictures. From there you should regularly monitor and respond to reviews, making sure to quickly resolve any issues with unsatisfied customers.

Global website reach


You can benefit from customizing your website to your target market with simple visual aids such as country flags. At minimum, you’ll likely want to translate a few pages of your website to attract visitors from your target markets.
Showing your prices in local currency can help you connect with international visitors and increase their ability to compare prices. In the end, you want to increase user confidence and comfort.

List your business on online sites

To appear in their search results, you’ll need to register your business directly with big known sites. Luckily, most of the fare aggregators belong to a few large companies, so you’ll only need to sign up once to appear across their whole network.
And even if these fare aggregators don’t lead to a lot of new bookings, they can still drive new traffic to your website.

Eco-tourism and adventure travel

Consider how you can take advantage of the eco-tourism and adventure travel opportunities in your area. Even if your business is in a city, you can appeal to foreign visitors simply by helping them find local ecotourism activities.

For example: “Canada ” is emerging as a global purpose for ecotourism and adventure travel. The country is a natural draw for international visitors seeking authentic wilderness, adventure and cultural experiences.
Canada has a reputation as an uncrowded holiday destination with a wide variety of wildlife. Its natural environment also appeals to visitors seeking activities such as windsurfing, white water kayaking, skiing and rock climbing.



Any tourism operator today knows that building all-season capacity into your business is an important way to grow your income.
And this is especially important for attracting international visitors.
To make your business an all-season affair, the first step is to consider the potential year-round activities in your area.

Are there cultural activities, such as music festivals, that would attract visitors? Are there seasonal outdoor activities year-round? You might consider adding a new size to your tourism business, such as offering spa services in the winter season.

You could also team up with other local tourism businesses to share services and reduce the risk.

The achievement of these tourism marketing strategies will help you increase the visibility of your business, attract your target audience and get a better return on your marketing investment.
Although these techniques can be applied in most cases within the tourism fields, take into account the needs of your business and choose the best for you.

Do you want to know more about tourism advertisement types? Check out this article for interesting facts.

(link to tourism advertisement types article)