Sunrun Solar Consultant - Alexander Pino

The first step implied creating a brief to understand Alexander Pino's role as a SunRun Consultant. This means learning his business’ features, attributes, and goals to implement the best plan. He wanted to use organic social media content and paid ads to boost his brand's visibility and generate leads.

Brief Conclusion

Currently, most people know that non-renewable sources of energy are substantially harmful to the environment. Families with the economic resources and the will to diminish their carbon footprint could be interested in using renewable energies in their homes.

That's how SunRun gets involved in solving the crisis innovatively. Alexander Pino is a proud SunRun consultant working to create solar energy for various residential solar energy systems and support customers in their switch to clean energy.

Sunrun Solar Consultant - Alexander Pino

The second step step was branding.

Branding involves developing a visual identity for the business by creating an image that speaks to the ideal client.

Brand guidelines

1- Graphic Identity Development

We created a graphic identity for Alexander’s advertising and branding pieces based on SunRun’s visual identity. We applied some changes in the color palette and fonts to give it a unique image before receiving his approval.

Sunrun Solar Consultant - Alexander Pino

Social media posts

3- Social Media Posts

Alexander wanted to highlight the benefits of using solar energy and how he could take care of most of the process. We developed a content strategy based on sharing images of previous works of SunRun, the specific benefits of switching to clean energy, and included clear calls to action.

Sunrun Solar Consultant - Alexander Pino

The Third Step

We then began the client acquisition process by running a custom marketing campaign that consisted of positive reputation management and qualified prospects’ generation.

4- Marketing Campaigns and Analytics  - Social media ads

Finally, our marketing and design teams came together to create graphic advertising pieces for Facebook containing images of homes with solar panels and persuasive phrases that invited the public to find out more. We also took care of the audience segmentation process for the campaigns.

The campaigns performed excellently; we generated 167 leads and reached 36,616 prospects.


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