Inutrition4u is a website made to spread nutrition awareness to the world.
The website gives free health tips and also arranges appointments with dr. Shadia.

We have tailored the site to her specific kind of therapy, so she can get more of the right types of visitors turning into converted clients. Our choice of colors, images, and fonts weren’t just chosen at random; we carefully considered every single design element, no matter how small, to ensure it contributes to creating the right impression.

With a FREE consultation booking system to make her clients closer and safer.
Now doctor Shadia is helping people all around the world building a healthier detailed picture of their lifestyle.

Zas Air

Zas is constantly striving to complement its customer airlines' success. We understand the importance of prompt, safe, flexible, and cost-effective support.

Therefore, we insisted on helping them make one of the best remarkable websites!

Zas Website Now provides efficient and professional services, and can consistently achieve and maintain the high standards expected by their airline clients.

We believe that Zas gains their pride, along with the reputation of the clients that they represent, which is a valuable drive to keep them continuously improving and adjusting to the changes and demands of this vibrant and ever-developing industry.

Our efforts include an extension of services, geographical expansions, technological adaptations, and image updating aimed to make them always have the most efficient Website, that reflects on their work!

Fashion E-Commerce Websites Are a Class of their own because Fashion shoppers expect to be seduced by the beauty of the website and collections.
At RewardLion, we know that each Website differentiates depend on its main goal, that’s why we made sure to create an elegant, Minimal, and sophisticated website.
By utilizing stylish and visually appealing images, we managed to create immersive and interactive experiences. We also made sure to include all service features needed to deliver a rich, immersive, and intuitive online experience while keeping the website user-friendly and easy to navigate.

For Royal Home, we intended to stand out from other e-commerce products, we made an e-commerce furniture online store with its unique, simple, and elegant look.

It takes the user to the next level of the online shopping experience through its easy and inviting usability, using appealing colors and clean simple elements.
The product is perfectly usable and visible on all types of devices from desktops to smartphones.

Vizo is a rapper/songwriter, he released his first song in the 9th grade, after his first release, words quickly spread about up-and-coming freshman rapper through the web and south Florida's underground music scene, that is why Vizo wanted to have his own website.
At RewardLion we had seen what’s going on with the music industry and in particular, the rap game.
That why we made his website a showcase for his creative work professionally and communicate style and individuality, helping him to stand out from the crowd.
With our help setting up his own website, we made it all about VIZO! and what VIZO wants to post. Whether it’s a 30-second video or a 3,500-word article about his upcoming project, Once Vizo had his own website he got full control over whatever content he wants to post for his fans, and now he has a fan base all around the world listening to his music and keeping up with his updates and news.

Beytaq is an e-commerce platform that supports your growing home appliances business. We know that a Home appliances e-commerce website needs to showcase all your inventory in a way as close to the in-store shopping experience as possible and to create the best user experience.
The website was designed such that the home appliances were displayed under various categories/subcategories and the user could log in through social media accounts and order products by making payments online.
We made sure our e-commerce website had an advanced search and guided navigation for faster conversions, enhanced product visibility with videos, multi-tier categories, and large images, a powerful discount engine to run multi-level promotions.
With an effective e-commerce solution, you and your organization grow and scale easily to meet market demand as well as customer requirements by introducing different sales channels and reaching market segments.

Sales Funnels

Having a website isn’t enough to tell you which customers are buying your products and which ones are simply browsing through your content. It doesn’t provide you with a guaranteed option to finding actual conversions. Most businesses want to have a quick and direct solution to gaining new customers, that’s why a marketing sales funnel would provide you with the results you’re aspiring for.
They are detailed: Instead of having pages and pages on a website, funnels compress them into a single page that has all you need to sell, and all the information your customers need to buy.
They are your salesman: Instead of an open store, or cold-calls, funnels are your way to tell them about yourself using your own words. They tell your story and display your products through calculated steps.
They are easily measured: The power of analytics is on the funnels’ side. You can track the visitors’ behaviors, collect these data, understand the needs and satisfaction of the customers so they can be met in a better way, thus creating your buyer’s persona.
They are global: Funnels are the future of digital marketing. The world is connected like never before. You can sell anything to anyone in the world without the boundaries of borders. No matter how big or small your business is, funnels can help you reach anywhere.

We approached domino's pizza and offered them a new solution to increase their online sales.
We created an entire promotional campaign with a timer and coupons. We targeted their audience based on analytics, and we added an order to pick up to the campaign.
We noticed a huge spike on their funnel and when we asked them, they noticed a 10% increase in the first month and that was a great result in such a very hard situation.

We were approached by boost mobile; their sales were down so we offered them our digital marketing strategy with the funnels.
We created promotional offers and we spread them around the internet.
They have noticed within the 1 month a spike in visitors we monitored it and tweaked it for maximum performance and we contacted boost mobile and their sales were up by 20%.
We solved the client's nightmare of having less and less business by adding more clients to come to visit their location and call them to ask about their services.
Now their clients are satisfied with the service they are receiving and this is increasing sales day by day.

This was a brand-new location they tried buying leads with cold calling and more ways and they just couldn't get the business started.
We offered them our digital solution with a sales funnel to collect client's info and email marketing.
Within the 3rd month they started having an average of 40 appointments a month we connected their funnel to Calendly and zoom and they started making all the sales online.
Now they have to hire 3 new employees to keep up with the sales
all this was May of 2020 during covid-19.

RewardLion ecommerce sales funnel

We build fully-functional, high-performance, and user-friendly websites with a full-featured shopping cart, product catalog, and management system with extensive customization capabilities.
Our specialized team extends beyond transactions and order processing, they design and develop cost-effective, fully customized end-to-end solutions for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturer’s reps with our services.
That is why we built a funnel to market our e-commerce service, as a result, we had clients from everywhere reached us to help them transfer their business into an online business to make the best of the current situation and maximize their profits while keeping the safety of their clients.

RewardLion leads sales funnel

Leads are the lifeblood of every successful company. But even successful companies don't always have the internal resources, expertise, or time to consistently generate quality leads for their sales teams.
That is why we have built a leads funnel to help business owners to grow their sales without the risk of hiring new employees, this funnel has been a great success for our company, as we have been approached by many clients to help them to connect the right people in need with their service, and so we did by providing them with 30 pre-qualified appointments and proven Strategies that helped them to make over six figures in less than a year.

RewardLion “How Software Made Billionaires” book sales funnel

As we are a business solution company, we have specialized in software, web designing, graphic design, digital marketing, e-commerce solution, and analytics. So, we know all the secrets and tricks.
Because we believe that "Each One Teach One", we released our e-book “How Software Made Billionaires”, and we built a sales funnel to market it.
The sales funnel made us sell more than 100.000 copies of it and helped both programmers and non-programmers to have the advantages of software, and make a huge income out of it.

RewardLion The Power of Analytics book sales funnel

Big data embodies an extraordinary wealth of experience, and after years of experience in this field, we released our e-book "The Power of Analytics" to help people all around the world make their campaigns more effective and predict their customers, the way they think, and the way they would react.
As we have our own academy, we have launched “The Power of Analytics" e-book sales funnel.
It was our best-selling book as we shaped many people's business vision with better insight and a bigger share of the market.

Social Media

Let’s talk Social!!   Social Media campaigns are not just random posts with a visual and caption. We work with you to understand your brand and define your audience then we make sure to engage with them through strategically created campaigns.   We start by developing a customized social media strategy that’s tailored to your business defining social media channels, profile strategy, content calendar, and engagement frequency to raise brand awareness, build relationships, and move prospects through the social sales funnel.   A very important component of a campaign is the visual “Graphic Design” we use, and here are some of our previous work for our partners.